The first Festival of modern Woman opened in Tuzla

April 21, 2018 10:00 AM

The first International Festival of Modern Woman 2018 was officially opened in the crowded hall of BCC TC. Several hundred women, as well as men, filled the hall to the last seat.

“There will be numerous events organized in the following three days, and this will not be the content intended for the participants of the festival only, but we also prepared content for all citizens. The epicentre of this event will be lectures, panel discussions, interviews with successful women and much more,” said Edina Seleskovic, the president of the OO Festival.

All attendees at the opening were thrilled with the entire event, and the proof for that was a large applause with ovations for every pronounced sentence.

The first panels after the opening ceremony were held by Jovanka Atanackovic from the Government of Serbia and Edita Djapo, the Minister of the Environment and Tourism of the FBiH, and the panel was dedicated to the topic “Women Leaders to Future Leaders: Bravely as a Woman to Europe”.

The second panel was led by Caroline Ferguson, the wife of the Ambassador of the UK, Kavita Chabra, the wife of the Ambassador of India, and Djemila Talic Gabriel, the Honorary Consul of BiH in South New Wales. The main topic of this panel was “Women and Diplomacy”.




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