The First Convoy of American Vehicles for Military Exercise entered Bosnia

A convoy of military vehicles from the 21st Command for the Support of the US Armed Forces in Europe entered Bosnia and Herzegovina today at the Gradiska border crossing.

This is the first convoy of military vehicles of the US Armed Forces, which entered the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of transferring personnel and equipment for the needs of the bilateral exercise “Quick Response 21”.

Exercise “Quick Answer 21” is a joint exercise event of the Armed Forces BiH and the USA, and will be realized in the second half of May 2021 at the training grounds of the Armed Forces of BiH Manjaca and Glamoc and at the location of the barracks and airport “Dubrava” near Tuzla.

In the coming days, the arrival of the remaining US forces is expected, which will participate in the exercise with the BiH Armed Forces.

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