The first CNC Machine produced in BiH

Experts from the company Procassa from Jelah near Tesanj produced the first CNC machine in BiH after three months of project engineering and four months of work.

Director of the company, Mehmed Husakovic, noted that this was a great challenge for everyone who worked on the project because they accepted the challenge to construct the entire machine and find its electronic solution.

“The machine was working without any mistake from the very beginning, just liked we imagined it would,” noted Husakovic, and added that it was quite difficult and they needed considerable funding for the project.

“We managed to complete the project from our funds and thanks to the help of some of our friends, although most people were sceptical.”

Husakovic noted that these are high-quality machines, which cost less, but their work is as quality as the work of those paid between 20,000 and 50,0000 EUR.

The company will have its own project bureau for the construction of CNC machines in the upcoming period, and they are planning to hire additional five employees by the end of the year.

Procassa-Fischer from Jelah is a sister company of Prodomo-assembly companies in Germany and Croatia. They have a long tradition in the production of isometric systems, with the use of contemporary mechanical assembly and the construction of pipelines.



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