The first Bosnian who graduated from the prestigious University of Eastern Illinois in the US

Muhamed Alic is the first Bosnian who graduated from the famous University of Illinois in the US. The flag of BiH flaunt at the ceremony of diploma awards, which was attended by more than 500 graduates and magistrates.

Muhamed was born in Chicago on July 23, 1995. His parents Elvedina and Sade Alic are refugees from BiH. His mother is originally from the village of Preocica near Vitez, and his father is from the village of Kamicani near Kozarac. Sade was a member of the Army of RBiH and he was seriously wounded before the end of the war. He went to the US with his wife for treatment.

“They got their two sons, Muhamed and Adem, and daughter Kanita. They invested everything they could in the education of their children, and they never forgot their homeland by helping their family,” said a member of their family, Hazim Trako.

Muhamed graduated from the University of Eastern Illinois on 8 May, by promoting Bosnian values in the US, and he became the first Bosnian who graduated from this famous university. He is now an engineer of technology for the production of natural and sustainable energy.

“It is really wonderful to see our child with our flag on the awarding ceremony. He is planning to obtain his master’s degree at this faculty,” stated Trako.

Although they have been living in the US for many years now, the couple Elvedina and Sade Alic never forgot their roots and they passed strong sense of patriotism on to their children who regularly publish photos with the flag of BiH, pay tribute to the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica and talk about the events in BiH with their friends.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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