The Fire Truck is entirely manufactured in BiH, the Firefighters are already using it


After two decades of living in Germany, an innovator Suad Beslic decided to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and start designing and manufacturing of fire trucks. In Zivinice, a fire truck has already been built in compliance with the European standards, and significantly, the structure is entirely made and assembled in our country.

Suad Beslic, who comes from Kalesija, spent 23 years in Germany as an employee, more precisely the chief constructor at Lentner GmbH for the production of sophisticated fire trucks.

The desire to return to his homeland made Beslic think about opening a sister company in Zivinice in 2017, within which the segments of the main contruction part for these specialized vehicles were produced.

In just one year, he and his workers were able to produce more than 100 components of so-called fire truck cases, and parts made in BiH through Lentner GmbH company were sent to Germany for assembly. They then ended up in fire units in Germany, Austria, Norway, Croatia, Abu Dhabi, as well as China.

Beslic strived for even greater success, and turned to acting independently in this area in our country. A few days ago, within his company Su-Ad in BiH, a fire truck was fully built and assembled for use in the Zivinice Fire Department.

“Before, we did half of the work, but we wanted to turn to the final product which we want to offer primarily in BiH, and then to the other region countries. It took us about nine months for the first vehicle, which was made on a Mercedes double cab chassis.”, says Beslic for

A multipurpose vehicle with a welded aluminum upgrade provides entry for six firefighters, with a 1000-liter water tank, a 47-foot high-pressure water pump, and 100 liters of fire-fighting foam.

After opening the door, you will also notice that the vehicle contains a 50-meter threaded winch, an electricity generator, and a service device with pliers and a chopper of solid materials, such as sheet metal on cars cut in traffic accidents. There are also insulation appliances and oxygen bottles that allow firefighters to enter rooms which are affected by fire and smoke.

“The vehicle we have made is our unique product and we will offer it to all fire departments in our country, and its production is done through the public procurement process. I have not returned to BiH to get rich, and I am particularly pleased that my desire to realize such a project in our country is coming true. The value of such a vehicle in Germany is 400.000 euros, but we can produce it for 380.000 BAM. People need to know that this is not fake, but a high quality vehicle that has passed all possible tests”, says Beslic, who is currently preparing several more vehicles, news portal reports.

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