The Fair “Expo Pakistan 2013”; Invitation for Businessmen

vtk bihThe Islamic Embassy of the Republic of Pakistanin in Sarajevo sent a notice to Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H, which informs all the economic subjects that the biggest annually Pakistani FairExpo Pakistan2013“, the eighth one will he held from 26th to 29th September2013.

This fair is the largest exhibition of Pakistani export products and services, and also is a good opportunity for exposure of foreign products. The average value of this fair is about 500 million USD, with the participation of 6-7000customers from 50 to 60 countries, which will be located in 6 big rooms.

The range of products displayed at the fair will be wide:textiles, leather, pharmaceuticals,surgical equipment and instruments, sports equipment, information technology, industrial goods, gems and jewelry, food and various ingredients, automobiles and auto-components and the service sector.

The organizers will cover certain costs of businessmen who meet certain criteria. For companies that have an annual turnover of 8 million USD and exports of 5 million USD or more will be provided hotel and transportation, and will be reimbursed the expenses for the airplane tickets. For companies with an annual turnover of U.S. $3million and imports of U.S. $2 million or more will be provided hotel accommodation and the transport from and to the airport.


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