The Exhibition “Why Dogs?” at the Gallery Bela Vida

cute-dogThe expert team of Sarajevo gallery Bela Vida will present tomorrow a new setting “Zašto psi?” (Why Dogs?), where art works of the artist Githe Van Euwen from the Netherlands will be displayed, as well as photos, pictures and sculptures of some B&H artists.

This exhibition will present the unbreakable bond between man and dog that has its roots in prehistoric times.

The ambassadors in B&H, representatives of international organizations, political parties and many public authorities from different fields are expected to attend the official opening of this exhibition.

The exhibition aims to raise public awareness on the issue of stray dogs in the direction of solving this problem in a humane and effective way, with a focus on animal welfare and human security.

The exhibition will be opened until 5 December, announced the gallery Bela Vida.



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