The Exhibition of Graphics “Dijalog” at the Art Gallery of B&H on Thursday

umjetnicka_galerija_bih_It is a regional project, which represents 45 artists from the Republic of Serbia and 43 artists from B&H. The author of this setting is the art historian and the curator at the Center for graphics and visual research “Akademija” of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Ljiljana Tašić.

The coordinator of the exhibition Renata Papišta said for news agency FENA that the Sarajevo audience can watch graphic prints of more than 80 artists, created in the past decade. She states that the initiative for this setting came from the Center for graphics and visual studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

Papišta believes that the exhibition is an important indicator of what the current generation is on the scene of B&H and Serbia and how they strive to build the graphics not only in its classic form, but in certain modern tendencies.

Also, the exhibition follows the development and reveals the similarities and differences of the same generations that have grown up in the same geographic region, but under the influence of different social circumstances.

The exhibition opened in October last year at the Gallery for graphics and visual research in Belgrade, then in Nis, Novi Sad and Banja Luka and after Sarajevo will open in Mostar.

The exhibition will be open in Sarajevo until 22 November.


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