The Entrance Fee for the Source of the River Bosna will be Charged Since September

vrelo bosneStarting with September 2013, the entrance fee for visiting the spring of river Bosna will be charged, was confirmed by Mr Zlatko Petrović – Minister of Urban Planning and Environmental protection of Sarajevo.  

He also pointed out that incomes gained from entrance fees will be directed into the improvement of the conditions of river source.  

The entrance fees will be charged for adults-individual visits at price of 2 KM. Pensioners, students, the disabled people and children from seven to sixteen years old will pay1 KM and groups will be paying1.5KM per person.

 The free entry on river source will for children up to seven years old, children with disabilities, children without parental care and non-governmental organizations, scientific and educational institutions dealing with environment related to the maintenance of certain events.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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