The Draft of the New Constitution of Federation of BiH until October

kasim trnkaKasim Trnka, a professor of constitutional law, recalled that the process of changing the constitution of Federation of BiH started last year under the support of the USA, and was formed an expert group that has made a draft proposal of recommendations and on 24th  June this year, the House of Representatives of FBiH has decided to proceed on constitutional amendments.

He pointed out that now the expert group, based on the recommendations made the preliminary draft of the constitution of the Federation. The complete text of the new constitution of the Federation is under preparations.

“The Expert Group until first October should propose a complete draft of the new constitution of the Federation, taking into account the suggestions of various political parties, and then the Commission for Constitutional Affairs of the House of Federation to formulate definite proposals to change the constitution and to initiate a public debate with an orientation to engage the media, civil society and, if is possible, by the end of the year to manage a completely new constitution of Federation of BiH”,  stated for reporters Professor Trnka.

He said that this is the first time that national political forces and local professionals create its constitution according to their measurements.

Trnka emphasizes, that the purpose of changing of the constitution is to ensure a decisive position of citizens in the Constitution of the Federation, to ensure equality of the constituent peoples and adequate representation of those who are not identified as members of the constituent people.

“We shall not use the term “others” and then through the entire text of the constitution we shall remove it,  in order to ensure that everyone has the same chances to join the public service, which means that essentially we suggest implementing the judgment “Sejdić and Finci” in the constitutional order of the Federation of BiH” , claimed Trnka.

Significant changes, as he explained, should experience the Parliament of Federation, which should be the central institution in the system, needs to be stopped the institutions of the President of the Federation, to make an equal balance between the Parliament and the Government of FBiH, and what is the most important will be strengthened position of the Constitutional Court as the protector of constitutionality and legality, and the entire system of justice to set into democratic principles.

(Source: Ekapija.com)

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