The Dives from the Old Bridge the most Interesting Tourist Event

Skok sa Starog u MostaruThe Mostar dives are the most important tourist event and brand not only for Mostar, but also for the whole  B&H. During the time of traditional dives from the Old Bridge, Mostar is the most visited city, said the Manager of the Tourist Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Mensud Duraković for the Agency Fena .

He points out that Mostar diving is opportunity for the promotion of tourism and for the promotion of the city of Mostar and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, but also for the entire B&H.

Mostar dives as the most important tourist event and brand have a great chance to enter the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage, and I think that will be very soon“,  said Duraković.

He states that Mostar with the current number of accommodation facility is very difficult to fulfill the needs of all the tourists who come in Mostar, or who want to watch the dives and to stay during those days in Mostar.

According to Durakovic, visitors come from all over the world to Mostar. The largest numbers of tourists are from neighboring countries, Slovakia, Czech Republic, most recently from Western Europe and Asia, and a large number of tourists is from Turkey.

Duraković warns that further effort is needed that the river Neretva to be cleaner and suitable for swimming.

“Mostar, which is oriented towards tourism and who can live well from tourism, must putt more efforts. Such kind of Neretva that Mostar people and tourists want would greatly enhance the tourism offer, from rafting to swimming in the river Neretva“,  concludes Duraković.


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