The Crisis of Turkish Lira will not affect the Construction of the Belgrade-Sarajevo Road

The crisis of Turkish lira will not affect the construction of the Belgrade-Sarajevo road, which is a project of regional importance and it is funded from national and international sources.

A member of the Turkish-Serbian Business Council in Turkey, Aleksandar Medjedovic, stated that the crisis with the Turkish lira cannot really be a reason for a delay of this infrastructure project.

“Besides the state of the Turkish economy, we also have to take into consideration the state of the economies of Serbia and BiH and whether they are ready for this project, because it is realized outside of Turkey and its construction is not directly related to lira,” stated Medjedovic.

He added that Turkish investments in Serbia were brought by a long-term view, when the Turkish people decided that they could invest their money in Serbia and that the current situation will not distract them from that idea.

Professor of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Dejon Soskic, said that there might be some indirect effects of Turkish economic crisis in Serbia, but not direct ones, and that this will not affect the stability of the financial system, since there is only one Turkish bank on the market of Serbia.

It was also added that the authorities noted that everything is going according to plans and technical documentation and financing model will be completed next year, so it is expected for the construction of this road to start in 2019.


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