The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rejected the request for the extradition of Zdravko Mamic

A hearing was held today before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the request of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia for the extradition of Zdravko Mamic.

Davor Martinovic, Zdravko Mamic’s lawyer, said that both the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Defense gave their statements, and what is not a common case in practice is that they had an identical position regarding the fulfillment, ie non-fulfillment of extradition conditions.

“The prosecution and the defense have taken a clear position that there is not even a minimum of legal conditions that could lead to the extradition of Zdravko Mamic to the Republic of Croatia,” the lawyer pointed out.
He points out that for the act for which extradition is requested, the minimum sentence is six months, and according to the Extradition Convention, the law and the extradition agreement between BiH and Croatia, the minimum sentence is one year, ie four years.

“Therefore, the whole story just falls into the water. And the question is not whether Zdravko Mamic will be extradited to Croatia, but the question is why there was a general request for extradition because it is clear to everyone, even to novice lawyers, that the conditions for his extradition are not met, “said Martinovic.

The pre-trial judge, he stated, will submit the file to the Chamber with his opinion, after which the Chamber will issue a decision on which, again, the final decision is made by the Appellate Chamber of the Court of BiH.

He concluded that it is very difficult to predict whether it will be in 15 or a month, because there is no legal deadline.

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