The Contract for Procurement of new Trams officially signed

The Canton Sarajevo (CS) Government is procuring 15 new trams. 

The procurement contract was officially signed yesterday by the Minister of Transport of the CS, Adnan Steta, and Zeljko Davidovic, Stadler’s sales manager for Central and Eastern Europe.

“With today’s signing of the contract, the beginning of the reconstruction of the tram line, and the ordering of 25 new trolleybuses, the CS Government shows its commitment to creating a modern and functional public transport and infrastructure. We must provide the best possible service to the citizens, we procure new vehicles equipped with the most modern technologies, which will positively change the overall image of our city. We promised in the first part of the mandate that we will improve public city transport, we continue to work on it with dedication and this is another great day for all of us, ” Minister Steta stated yesterday.

The new trams will be made according to the latest technical achievements when it comes to this type of public transport vehicle and will be harmonized with the existing European standards when it comes to comfort, driving characteristics, safety.

These are low-floor vehicles with a capacity of 180 passengers with 79 seats. The new Sarajevo trams offer the possibility of driving up to 70 km/h.

They are equipped with air conditioning, a passenger counting system, video surveillance inside and outside the vehicle to ensure greater safety of passengers and other road users, but also as protection against vandalism, and they are adapted for people with disabilities.

A number of USB ports for mobile devices are also provided for passengers.

This vehicle is equipped with modern, energy-efficient lighting, with optimally adapted lighting in the interior. The lighting is made of LED technology, and the passenger information system, in addition to external and internal displays that will display destinations and stops, also includes an audio system for informing passengers, as well as LCD monitors for displaying additional messages.

The purchase of vehicles is financed with credit funds from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)and the European Investment Bank (EIB), while the value of the signed contract amounts to 34.744.773.25 million euros. Delivery of the first tram is expected after 24 months, and all 15 will be delivered within 32 months.

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