The Construction of Botanical Garden on Trebevic Mountain to start soon

Works on cleaning the terrain for the establishment of the Mountain Botanical Garden on the area of Trebevic Mountain have started, as confirmed by the expert associate for promotion and marketing of PE Protected Natural Areas of CS, Mustafa Zvizdic.

The establishment of a botanical garden that would serve for conservation and protection of endemic and rare species, but also the presentation of rich mountain flora of BH mountains, is planned within the management plan of Protected Landscape “Trebevic”.

The project on the establishment of botanical garden was signed with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH on the basis of the decision on allocation funds in accordance with the Action Plan of Environmental Strategy for 2018 and the program “Co-financing of Projects for Nature Protection in the FBiH”.

Zvizdic also noted that “based on the conducted direct procedure, the Contract on performing works on cleaning surface with the aim of preparing the terrain for the establishment of the Mountain Botanical Garden Trebevic with the PUC “Sarajevo Forest” Ltd. Sarajevo”.

“The planned works are based on cleaning the surface from undesirable vegetation and removing coniferous trees,” he noted.

The main goal of the project is promotion and preservation of rare and endangered mountain plants in BiH through the establishment of botanical garden as an example of protection in “ex situ” conditions as well as the creation of an open-air laboratory where it will be possible to conduct scientific research and organize education programs in order to raise general awareness on the importance of nature protection, as noted from the PI Protected Natural Areas of CS.

(Source: akta.ba)

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