The Construction of an important Part of the South Longitudinal in Sarajevo to be finalized soon

The construction site on the section of South Longitudinal in Sarajevo between the settlements of Grbavica and Hrasno significantly changed the look of this part of the city lately, and a modern roundabout was constructed in the settlement Hrasno Brdo.

The recordings from the air show how is the construction of this important part of the longitudinal currently going, and one of the novelties will be the glass dome with a clock in the centre of the roundabout, which can be seen on the video.

As previously announced, pedestrian traffic in this part of the road with two traffic lanes, which represents the vital part of the southern part of the city, will be directed below the road, which will enable traffic safety and the smooth movement of vehicles and faster flow on the roundabout itself.

It is planned for this road to pass through parts of the municipalities of Novo Sarajevo and Novi Grad, to start near the Miljacka River next to the Bridge of Suada and Olga, to connect settlements of Grbavica, Hrasno, Aneks and Svrakino Selo, and end near the building of the Supreme Court.

The end of the construction of this section of longitudinal is announced for the month of May.

Take a look at the video:



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