The Commission has declared four new National Monuments of BiH

The Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) decided to designate four new national monuments of BiH: Mandina Gradina and necropolis with stecak (tombstone) in Tomislavgrad, Necropolis with stecak and cemetery with nisan (the upright stone on top of graves) in Grivici in Hadzici, the architectural ensemble of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Ascension in Stolac, and Film Collection materials of the Public Company Film Center in Sarajevo.

At the session of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments held on Thursday, the Chairman of the Commission, Faruk Kapidzic, and members Andjelina Osap Gacanovic and Zoran Mikulic made decisions on declaring the following assets national monuments of BiH:

Archaeological site – Mandina Gradina and necropolis with stecak (tombstone), Municipality of Tomislavgrad,

Historical area – Necropolis with stecak and cemetery with nisan tombstones in Grivici, Hadzici Municipality,

The architectural ensemble of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Ascension of Christ in Stolac,

Movable property – Collection of film material of the Public Company Film Center in Sarajevo.

The members of the Commission adopted amendments and changes to earlier decisions for the following national monuments: Mosque of Bascarsija (Havadze Duraka) in Sarajevo, Latin Bridge (Princip Bridge) in Sarajevo, Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Pale with movable property, “Madame’s house” (in Bosnian: ”Gospođicina kuća”) in street H. Kresevljakovica 1 in Sarajevo, as well as the Residential Building at street Franjevacka 2 (Mehmedbeg Fadilpasic Building) in Sarajevo. Amendments to these decisions are related to the categorization and redefinition of protection measures in accordance with the current state of these goods.

Furthermore, the session concluded that the building of the First Post Office in Brcko should be included in the List of Endangered Monuments of BiH since it is in very poor structural condition. Damage was recorded on the roof, which resulted in a harmful effect of the atmosphere matter on the structural stability of the building. The list of endangered monuments represents a list of priorities set by the Commission, with the aim of drawing the attention of all relevant institutions as well as potential donors and investors, to those cases where national monuments are threatened with extinction. This list is available to the entity governments and the Government of Brcko District, as an instrument to ensure the implementation of their obligations in a systematic manner. At the moment, there are 86 properties from BiH on the List of Endangered Monuments, BHRT writes.


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