The Canton Sarajevo Health Insurance Institute to provide Digital Vaccination Certificates

The Health Insurance Institute of Canton Sarajevo (CS), in cooperation with the contractual system implementer Medit d.o.o. from Sarajevo, will enable the citizens of CS to take digital vaccination certificates by the end of this week so that they can be used during travel and for other purposes for which they will be accepted.

Also, persons who have been vaccinated outside the CS, and who have registered and submitted valid vaccination documents through a previously established application, will be able to take the certificate.

Since the vaccination process in CS is completely electronically recorded, preconditions have been created for all citizens to be issued digital vaccination certificates with the QR code used in the countries of the European Union (EU), it was said from the CS Health Insurance Institute.

The mentioned certificate is easily verifiable from anywhere in the world, and by scanning the QR code, by direct electronic inquiry to the servers of the Institute, the authenticity of the data can be checked.

Citizens will be able to use the digital vaccination certificate for travel purposes, provided that the countries they travel to accept the type of vaccine with which the person was vaccinated and this form of vaccination certificate, which depends on the border policy of each country.

Even though this certificate is made in accordance with the EU guidelines, each of the countries regulates its epidemiological rules of entry and stay in that country, including the acceptability of the certificate, its issuer, but also the type of vaccine with which the person was vaccinated. Before starting their trip, the Institute asks citizens to check all the requirements for entry and the necessary and acceptable documentation needed to enter the country to which they are headed, all that to avoid any inconvenience or refusal to enter a particular country.

In addition to the digital certificate, in the next steps, through the same application, citizens will be able to download other documents related to “Covid-19”, primarily the Decision of the Ministry of Health on determined isolation due to “Covid-19” , as well as the Certificate which confirms that person had “Covid-19”.

As the Institute points out, the process of health informatization carried out by the CS Health Insurance Institute is extremely successful in this canton and represents one of the most important reform processes in the CS health system in the post-war period. This process of informatization of health care introduces transparency into work processes, so the information system is a key element in the fight against corruption in health care, BHRT writes.


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