The biggest Stone Ball in Europe already attracting Tourist from around the World

The phenomenon of stone balls is known in several countries of the world, including Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, Tunisia, Croatia and others, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The settlement Grab-Mećevići near Zavidovići is the largest site of stone balls in Europe, and the biggest stone ball in BiH and Europe, and perhaps in the world, has been found recently at the locality of Podubravlje.

The process of their creation evoked interest of many experts from around the world who still analyze that phenomenon. There are over 20 stone balls of perfect shape in the settlement Grab-Mećevići, and dozens of them were destroyed by citizens because of the legends that existed. Believing that there is gold inside those stone balls, a large number of them had been destroyed and broken, and in the end the locals used those stones for decorating their gardens.

However, Suad Keserović from Podubravlje takes care that the biggest stone ball in Europe, and maybe even in the world, does not experience the same fate. Given that the stone ball is located within his parcel, he spends days landscaping around the stone ball that has already become a tourist attraction in Zavidovići.

“We have been assuming for a long time that there is a stone ball here because one part of it was revealed. It has been some 20 days since we dug out the larger part of the ball, and it was clear that the stone has a perfect spherical shape. We could not even imagine that the ball will be this big, and now we need to keep digging in order to find out the diameter of it,” Keserović said.

Keserović added that tourists are already visiting the biggest stone ball in Europe and that he hopes that this place, characterized by beauty, nature and greenery, will soon be arranged to host tourists properly.

It is being assumed that there are more stone balls in the area of Pudubravlje, but analysis must be conducted in order to determine whether there are stone balls in certain places.

(Source: photo sputniksrbija)

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