The biggest Modeling Aero Meeting in B&H held in Sarajevo

October 6, 2015 1:00 PM

Modeling Aero Meeting in Sarajevo klix.baThe biggest modeling aero meeting in B&H was held in Sarajevo two days ago. This aero meeting was not of competitive character, but a “regular” gathering of aero modelers from across B&H, which attracted as much as 120 visitors, while over 100 aircrafts were in the air.

The modelers brought their aircrafts and in an organized manner demonstrated their own skills and abilities in controlling models on remote control, and thereby demonstrated the abilities of the aircrafts. The majority of aircrafts was hand-made from modeling materials, but there were also a certain number of factory models. These models are not considered children’s toys.

The meeting was attended by more than 120 aero modelers and visitors from Mostar, Posusje, Banja Luka, Prijedor, Gracanica, Zivinice, Tuzla, Visoko, Kiseljak, and Sarajevo, of which at least 60 are active “fliers”. In total, more than 100 different models of sailing boats, planes, flying wings, helicopters and multicopters were in the air. The aircrafts which were operated had a maximum weight of five kilograms and have been operated completely controlled by remote controllers. The flights were exclusively within the eyeshot and with maximum flying speeds up to 250 kmph.

This aero meeting is a project of enthusiasts, and not of any active aero club.

Aero modeling is a branch of technical culture, which has almost completely died out in B&H, and which is being maintained by several dozens of active aero modelers in B&H.

Aero modeling is a branch of modeling which deals with flying models of planes. The difference between modeling and making scale models is that models are functional representations objects, in this case planes or other aircrafts.

At one time, aero modeling was considered an activity where primarily the younger part of population is engaged in. However, nowadays all generations, from the youngest to very old people, of all professional qualifications and occupations, are dealing with aero modeling. When speaking about aero modeling, people who are not yet familiar with its basics often don’t understand what aero modeling is about, at all. One of the important features of aero modeling is that it is always about flying models, and not scale models (although flying scale models are designed, as well). Moreover, there should be made a difference between aero modeling where the models are being designed for the satisfaction of the modeler who enjoys in their creation, and competitive modeling, where the aero modelers compete in different categories, actually classes, with their models.

As opposed to B&H, aero modeling is quite popular in the world, and research states that around $15 million are made annually from the business with the production and trade of aero modeling materials, parts, and finished aircrafts.


The aero meeting was held in the unpopulated area of Hrasnicko polje, located between Hrasnica and Sokolovic Kolonija.



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