The biggest Action of Cleaning of Canton Sarajevo starts soon

The company “Park” will employ 100 people who are on the Bureau of Employment for a major action by the Sarajevo Canton Government on a two-month cleaning of all areas in Sarajevo.

The engagement of the required number of people started this morning, and the “Park” calls for unemployed people currently in the Bureau’s records and possessing skills to perform hygiene work – cleaning green areas, planting, grooming and other gardening and horticultural jobs, to sign for the action.

The “Large Cleaning Action of Canton Sarajevo” begins on Saturday, April 20th, and persons who can meet the conditions can personally sign in the Park premises in the Patriotske Street 58, every working day from 07.00 to 15.30.

People who want to be employed are required to bring the Bureau of Employment Recognition to prove that there is a record, certified copy of the ID card, the CIPS application and the bank card.

The engagement will last two months and the monthly fee for the work is 800 BAM. Registered persons will still remain in the Bureau’s records.

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