The Average Pension in Republika Srpska is 405 BAM

In Republika Srpska, the payment of pensions for August begins today, it was announced from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Republika Srpska.

The payment of the pension covered a total of 272,164 beneficiaries in August, of which 220,241 were in the Republika Srpska, and 51,923 were pensioners outside the RS.

For the payment of the pension, 98.63 million BAM in net amount is needed, ie 99.86 million BAM in gross amount.

The average pension is 405.72 BAM and makes 39.82 percent of the average salary in Republika Srpska.

The amount of the lowest pension for length of service of 40 and more years is 415.82 BAM and makes 40.80 percent of the average salary in Srpska.

For a full insurance period of 40 years, the average pension for August is 598.15 BAM which is 58.70 percent of the average salary in the RS.

The highest pension for August in Republika Srpska is 2,138.64 BAM.

Revenue from contributions for pension and disability insurance in August amounted to 87.26 million BAM.

The structure of beneficiaries for this month consists of old-age pensions with 59.54 percent, family pensions with 27.07 percent, disability pensions with 13.31 percent and other rights with 0.08 percent, Srna news agency reports.

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