The American Congress approved for the Prayer Breakfast 2020 to be held in Mostar

The US Congress approved the maintenance of the Regional Prayer Breakfast 2020 in Mostar, and noted that the US congressman Robert Aderholt informed the city leadership about this event in a letter.

In his letter to businessman Dalibor Milos from Mostar, who will be the organizer of the Regional Prayer Breakfast, Congressman Aderholt noted satisfaction with the fact that local representatives supported that initiative that is aimed at reconciliation, coexistence and prosperity.

“We are hoping that the gathering for prayer breakfast in 2020 will inspire citizens, the country, the Western Balkans and the entire world,” as stated in the letter of Congressman Aderholt.

Milos, who participated at the Prayer Breakfast in Washington last year, stated that the initiative to organize regional gathering in Mostar represents a great opportunity for this city.

He noted that they expect from 400 to 500 foreign guests in Mostar, of which a large number will be US officials, including representatives of both the government and the US Congress as well as the representatives of the EU and all countries of the South East and Central Europe.

The Regional Prayer Breakfast is organized all over the world as a model of the US National Prayer Breakfast that is held every February in Washington.

(Source: klix.ba)



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