The Action “Bread for Later” in B&H

hljebThe action, titled “Kruh, hljeb za kasnije” (Bread for later) began in B&H. This action is about helping those who do not have enough to buy “even bread”.

“Many people nowadays do not have enough for their basic needs, they do not have enough for bread. Whenever you buy bread for yourself, if you can, pay for one bread or half bread more and stress that is “for later”. The paid bread will remain in the bakery for those who cannot pay for bread. The kind sellers know who needs bread in the neighborhood and  will offer it kindly to them, and no one else will know except for the seller and the one that needs it”, written on the Facebook page of this action.

 “Kruh za kasnije” (bread for late) is a prepaid bread for those who do not have to buy it. Specifically, the idea is that when citizens buy bread for their family to buy one more bread and to leave it in the bakery, so that that someone who has no money to buy it can come and get it for free.

This action already exists in Croatia and in other countries of the world. People who are interested in this action can register on the Facebook page “Portal dobrote -Kruh za kasnije”

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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