The 5th Traditional Jumps from Jajce Waterfall delayed

Traditional international jumps from the waterfall in Jajce will not be held this year due to safety reasons.

International jumps from the waterfall in Jajce, which gathered the best jumpers from all over Europe in the past four years, including the best jumpers of the Red Bull Cliff Diving, will not be held this year because the bottom of the waterfall is not deep enough for jumps into the water.

The Organizing Committee of this event confirmed this information, and they added that they started with preparations for jumps, but they were not able to do everything in time.

They added that interruption of the tradition of jumps from the waterfall in Jajce is a large loss for this city that has one of the best jumping platforms in the Balkans, and thousands of tourists gather in that town on that occasion.

“The fact that more than 130 media worldwide reported the news about last year’s jumps says enough about the jumps as promotional event. It was an interesting event for the public, and that is the best promotion,” as noted from the Organizing Committee of this event.

From the Municipality of Jajce stated that they will do everything necessary for the maintenance of this important event next year, in cooperation with other competent institutions. They asked all citizens and fans of jumps for understanding.

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