The 5-year old Nino knows all the Capital Cities of the World!

13084316_1762707067299303_960504749_nNino Avdic, a boy from Mostar who is not 5 years old still, is the little genius of Herzegovina, and he knows almost all the capital cities of the countries in the world.

More precisely, he knows 110 capital cities, which he quickly recites on the question of his father and friends.

Parents of small genius who looks like all his peers, but knows much more, Sejla and Semir, say that Nino started speaking very early, and when he was only one year old, he knew all the colors…

“Nino is a curious child and that is how we came up to these capitals. My sister has a big stake in all of this because he spends a lot of time with her, and today’s advanced technology helped in all of it. First, we began with pictures of countries, then he learned letters and reading, than he started with the names of states and eventually learned the captal cities. He would play every day with some of us and questions about the capitals,” said the proud mother Sejla.

However, his interest in football is evidence that Nino is one happy 5 year old, and he trains since he was 4 years old at school of football Zalik Mostar. His coaches Muhamed Kajan and Elvir Tabakovic emphasized that Nino is well raised, good and very diligent child.

He started showing interest in football at the age of three, and even adults would envy him on his knowledge about the most important secondary thing in the world.

“He likes to talk about football players, clubs. He reads a lot of reading about animals – dinosaurs, snakes, whales, insects, but of course countries and cities are number one. We do not look at Nino as a miracle, it’s just his curiosity and desire to learn something new,” said Sejla Avdic.

(Source: n1info.com)

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