The 4th FMCG Summit in Sarajevo gathered more than 500 Participants

April 13, 2018 12:00 PM

The 4th FMCG Summit, which was held in Ilidza, brought together more than 500 participants from 236 companies from BiH.

The FMCG Summit, which is organized by marketing agency Altermedia in cooperation with InStore Magazine, will revise the current state in the industry of consumer goods, discuss some new perspectives, innovations and solutions that will offer better sales results, as well as development potentials that can stimulate stronger growth and better optimization of operation costs.

“Everything depends on the companies and how ready they are to invest, test and try out new techniques. It is important to think locally. The answers are not in America or China, but we need to listen and follow the trends and wishes of our local costumers. Only in that way the success is guaranteed,” stated Jean Jaques Vandenheede, one of the key speakers.

The editor-in-chief of InStore magazine, Resid Muratovic, said that this is the largest regional event since it is also being held in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade, and Skopje.

He noted that the number of over 500 participants itself shows that the need for that kind of meetings is very high.

“The main aim of the Summit is to adopt new knowledge, but also to share it. The success of the conference will depend on influences that the participants will take from here,” noted Muratovic.

Moreover, another aim of the Summit is to present world trends to BH market, as well as successful BH managers.

This year’s FMCG Summit will present numerous interesting topics and eminent lecturers who will talk about the current state of the consumer goods industry in BiH as well as the region.







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