Thanks to Two Bosnian Students, Greenhouses could soon Function without the Involvement of People


“SmartGreenGarden“ is the name of the project that could improve the greenhouse production thanks to the creativity of two students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo.

Aladin Kapic from Cazin and Abdulrahim Klis from Zavidovici, who are networked by the team “Apollo 11“, developed the idea that will result in the self-sustainable, i.e., independent greenhouse.

Kapic said that such greenhouse will produce all conditions that are needed to the plant, will maintain the constant land humidity, provide ventilation, cooling and automatic irrigation.

“The greenhouse will work individually and independently from the user, the microcontrollers will largely replace the human hand, we will add the simulation of the sun energy, i.e. light for the increased plant productivity and during the night. It will use the filtered rainwater as the humidity source, solar panels that will largely help people whose greenhouses are located far from the house, of course, it will be protected from the physical damage, depending on the wishes of user, even with some type of alarm“, explained Kapic.

The whole project is consisted of a multitude of components that will maintain optimal conditions for the plant growth, and users will be able to monitor all that via their mobile phones of computers.

The user will be able to control the plant growth, watch the statistics of previous hours and days and many other approaches. Besides green plants, it will be possible to grow mushrooms, for which they made the special system of incubation.

All the story began with the participation at the competition “Smart City Sarajevo“.


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