Tesla to build Supercharger in Sarajevo soon?

The American giant Tesla intends to build the so-called supercharger in Sarajevo. Already, there are several individual devices for charging electric cars in BiH, BiznisInfo portal writes.

Tesla has placed Sarajevo on the list of cities in which it will build this facility. A supercharger is a place where there are usually more devices for superfast charging of electric cars.

The network of such superchargers is located throughout Western Europe, and in our region numerous will be built in Croatia, mostly along the Adriatic coast.

In other countries of Southeast Europe there are (or will be) much less such stations. So, there will be only one in BiH, one in Serbia, one in Macedonia, but none in Montenegro.

Sarajevo was confirmed as a location, and it is stated that the opening time is “soon”.

In addition to the supercomputer, Tesla also has a network of individual devices (Destination Charging) that are placed on private surfaces.

There are three such locations in BiH. One is the Residence Inn by Marriott Sarajevo, the other in Tarcin Forest Resort & Spa – MGallery by Sofitel in Tarcin, and the third Hotel Tesla in Banja Luka.

A Tesla Supercharger is a 480-volt DC fast-charging station built by American vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. for their all-electric cars. The Tesla Supercharger network of fast-charging stations was introduced beginning in 2012. As of December 2018, the electric vehicle network consisted of 11,414 individual Supercharger stalls at 1,375 locations worldwide

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