’Terra Sana’ from Sanski Most Started Production of Essential Oils

etericna ulja‘Terra Sana’ from Sanski Most launched the production of essential oils three months ago.

According to Almir Tahirović, Director of this company, they decided for this type of production because there is huge demand on the world market. On the other hand, our country is rich with wild herbs that are a potential that has not yet been exploited. The combination of these two components seems to guarantee success, according to portal

The plant for production and processing of medicinal herbs, and dryers are located in a building of 350 square meters. The company has still not started with the placement of products because they are working on creating packaging.

Regarding raw materials, Tahirović said that currently they are buying from farmers that have an area of 20 hectares of planted mint. They are also purchasing St. John’s Wort, Yarrow, and Thyme. In the fall they are planning to establish their own plantations on an area of 20 hectares.

The company went a step further in taking advantage of what nature has to offer, and what has still not been used. They reached an agreement with the forest management company ‘Una-Sana Forests’ to deliver

They are currently doing market research in order to see the interest of buyers because they wish to export. They are especially attracted to the US market, where oil here has a high price. In order to be prepared for the struggle with other companies from this area, they plan to start the process of organize certification that will last around 8 months.

“We wish to adapt all standards of organic production for our plants. After that, we will submit an application for receiving a certificate’’, said Tahirović. Product placement is planned for the end of this or beginning of next year when they finish all procedures.


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