Termination of Employment for Member of Bosnia’s Border Police who took 50 Euros

The Disciplinary Commission for Police Officers of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a Decision on termination of employment of a police officer of the Border Police of BiH of Z.V. initials, who on July 26, 2019, at Border Police Samac, at the entrance to Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the shift, in the capacity of a police officer in charge of organizing border checks at the International Border Crossing Samac, from the citizen of Germany of S.J initials, requested and received a gift, ie funds in the amount of 50 euros to enable the entry into BiH of a passenger motor vehicle of the Ford brand, which the appointee was driving, and for which, according to S.J., police officer GP BiH Z.V. claimed that the vehicle does not have a valid technical inspection of the so-called. “TUV”.

A request for initiating disciplinary proceedings against police officer Z.V. due to a well-founded suspicion that he committed serious breaches of official duty under Article 105, paragraph (1), items 9) and 23) of the Law on Police Officers of BiH, ie Article 5, paragraph (1), items 9) and 23) of the Rulebook on Disciplinary Responsibility of Police Officers BiH officials, which are defined as “conduct that damages the reputation of the police body” and “abuse of official position”.

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