Ten Thousand Residents of Mostar celebrated New Year (video)

The hard work of responsible ones resulted in the, many would agree, the best-organized concert for the New Year in the City of Mostar.

The day after, the organizers announced that there were more than 10,000 people on behind the gymnasium and the surrounding streets.

There was an excellent choice of performers, as well as the entire program that Tim Mostar 2024 has created within the Winter City of Mostar “Winterville by Coca-Cola” project.

The craziest night was marked by the brilliant performance of “Zabranjeno Pusenje” (Forbidden Smoking) and SARS, and music bands such as TBF, Letu štuke, Elemental, Zoster …

Perhaps most importantly, the concert went well and without incidents. The Mostar Center looked different from the standard narratives that is connected to the town on Neretva River.


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