Ten Thousand People expected at the opening of Aladza Mosque in Foca

At the opening ceremony of the reconstructed Aladza mosque in Foca, on Saturday, May 4th, some 10,000 people are expected, was stated at the conference of the Organizing Committee.

The opening of Aladza Mosque is a central event in the framework of marking the Day of the Mosque in BiH.

The Mufti of Gorazde Remzija ef. Pitic emphasized that the opening of Aladza Mosque is one of the most important events, recalling that its reconstruction was completed at the 470th anniversary of its construction.

Pitic said that he hopes the upgrading of the mosque will uphold all people in every respect, religious, spiritual, cultural, civilized, and political.

Chief of Foca Police Department Velimir Kostovic said that this ceremony represents an important act for all residents of Foca regardless of religious affiliation.

“The Aladza mosque was always a symbol of Foca. Throughout this organization, we have not had any serious incidents and we hope that this festive opening will continue in that tone, “said Chief Kostovic.

The Aladza mosque was mined and demolished in 1992, and its remains were scattered around the surrounding dumps. Reconstruction began in 2014, News Agency Partia reported.

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