Ten Settlements near Kupres are blocked due to High Snow

On the proposal of the Municipal Civil Protection Staff, Kupres Municipal Mayor, issued a Decision on the Proclamation of Natural Disasters in the Kupres Municipality.

The decision establishes and declares the state of the natural disaster in the area of Kupres municipality is due to the abundant snow precipitation and strong winds that hit Kupres in the period from December 29th, 2018 to January 29th, 2019.

In the last month,  the weather and abundant snow caused great problems to Kupres. It is difficult to transport students and pupils, and ten inhabited villages and settlements are “cut off”.

The coordinator for protection and rescue of the municipality of Kupres Marijan Rebrina explained to Federal News Agency that ten settlements are currently blocked by snow, but that municipal services are in daily contact with the locals and are ready to provide assistance if needed.

On Wednesday, it is planned for the Red Cross team to reach the Zvirnjace settlement to provide the locals with the necessary medicines.

In the Osmalnlije settlement, there was a collapse of the roof under the weight of the snow.

In the coming days, the new snowy precipitation has been announced in the area of ​​Kupres municipality.

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