Ten Serbs harassed a Girl wearing Hijab in Srebrenica


A new incident happened in Srebrenica on Thursday evening. Ten students of Serbian nationality intercepted and harassed a girl wearing a hijab, asking her to “take off her headscarf”.

Director of the Humanitarian Organization “Good” Adnan Delic posted on his Facebook profile the appeal of the mother of the attacked girl.

“Adnan, sorry to bother you, but I know how much your heart is tied to Srebrenica and how much you sympathize with us. So I need you to know this too. Today (Thursday, February 20, 2020), after school, my daughter Ferisa, the one who is wearing a scarf, was attacked by Serbian male students. At first, they provoked her because she had scarf, and then on the way home they stopped her and harassed her. Ten of them surrounded and attacked without letting her to go home. The investigation is now being conducted by police and a social worker,” Delic said.

He also posted a censored photo of the girl. The whole case was reported to the police.


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