Temperatures in the Minus and Snow Starting Next Week

snijegThe beginning of next week will be marked by snowfall, with the most amount expected on Monday afternoon and Tuesday night, announced the FB&H Hydrometeorological Institute.

‘’Rainy and cloudy weather will remain in B&H until Monday, expect in the mountains, where there is already a little sleet and snow. From Monday, there will be snow and in the lower areas. There will be some sleet in the morning, and then we expect abundant rainfall, except in the south of the country. The temperature will fall to -3 Celsius. Snow is expected to stop on Thursday, and there will be some more snow on Friday. The cold weather will be constant until Friday’’, said Damir Šantić from the FB&H Hydrometeorological Institute.

Cloudy weather with rain in the lower regions is expected, while there will be snow on the mountains.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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