Temperature in February Will be Higher Than Last Year’s Average

January 31, 2014 2:58 PM

ljudi_kisaAccording to statistical indicators in B&H, the monthly average temperature in February is expected to be higher in comparison to the several years long average, said to Fena the climatologist Dženan Zulum from the FB&H Hydrometeorological Institute.

Compared to the average, the warmer period can be expected at the end of the month, while the beginning of February is expected to be within the limits of long-term averages, said Zulum. The expected amount of precipitation should be below long-term averages.

The maximum temperature in January was on 18 and 19 January, and the absolute minimum temperature in B&H was registered on 26 and 27 January.

‘’The total sum of precipitation in January 2014 was below average in northeast B&H, and slightly above long-term average in the south of the country. Western, Eastern and Central parts of B&H had an average amount of precipitation. The snow cover was present in the lower parts for around 6-7 days. The highest height of the snow cover was measured in Bihać with 34 cm’’, said Zulum.

(Source: klix.ba)

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