Teletović Visiting International Peace Camp in Srebrenica

srebrenica-gradThe United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Mirza Teletović, BiH basketball player and member of the Brooklyn Nets NBA, with their visit at the International Peace Camp at the Lake Perućac are promoting the rights of children and community life in Srebrenica.
The visit marks the start of activity of Mirza Teletović as USAID promoter of children’s rights in BiH.

USAID Mission Director David Barth, Mirza Teletović and employees of USAID and the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo for that occasion they will donate to International Peace Camp three computers, hang out with young people with a variety of activities, such as painting and cleaning of the camp grounds, while Teletović will play basketball with the young campers, was released from USAID.

USAID, together with UNICEF and 80 young people from BiH, and about 30 primary school children from Srebrenica will have a talk about how all children in BiH have equal rights, regardless of nationality, religion or gender.

USAID will also donate an additional three computers to Srebrenica’s elementary schools as part of the campaign on children’s rights.

International peace camp in Srebrenica since it was founded in 2001 was visited by more than 500 young people from all parts of BiH, neighboring and other countries. International Peace camp helps create new friendships and establishing links between young people, and building bridges between different ethnic and religious groups.

U.S. government, primarily through USAID,until now, has provided nearly $ 1.6 billion to help support economic, democratic and social progress in BiH.



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