Teletovic is no longer a Player of Milwaukee Bucks

Mirza Teletovic is no longer a player of Milwaukee Bucks. Mirza received termination of the contract that he previously signed with Bucks.

“The health of the player is in the first place, and then comes everything else,” said the general manager of Bucks, John Horst, who briefly explained the situation:

“Milwaukee Bucks have been following the condition of Mirza Teletovic since the month of December last year, and after consultation, we decided to terminate the cooperation with the player. We appreciate everything that Mirza has done for Milwaukee and our community, and we wish great health and long life to him and his family,” as noted in the statement of Bucks.

Teletovic stated that he agreed with his family and manager to take a break until the summer, considering the fact that this season is soon to be officially completed, after which he will consider new offers for continuation of his career.

” I would like to thank the leaders and the medical staff of Milwaukee Bucks who were devoted to my recovery and did their best in order for everything to be fine. We are splitting as friends. When it comes to my recovery, I am doing very well, and the best specialist are following my recovery,” said Teletovic, and added:

“I have to emphasize that my career is not over yet, as some people were speculating. I will maximally devote myself to return my form in the future period, in order to be physically ready to return. I will watch basketball,” from the parking lot” for now,” said Teletovic.

(Source: N1)

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