What has Telegraph wrote about Princess Diana’s Visit to BiH?

This photograph of the late princess of Wales was photographed in August of 1997 during his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She wore one of the most utilitarian outfits ever seen in public, which could also be one of the most perfect, according to the British Telegraph, which proclaimed this outfit as one of the best that Princess Diana ever wore and oftentimes would pair with other accessories.

She wore a white cotton collar shirt, her sleeves were slightly pulled up so her burnt hands could be seen, high-waist, rock-washed pants, a thin belt and Tod’s moccasins, according to this newspaper, which evaluated her outfit as timeless and which will be wore again today, two decades later and which will be wore by 20-year old students and 60-year old ladies.

20 years ago, Princess Diana visited BiH. Her goal to was to draw attention to the problem of unexploded mines. That was also her last humanitarian visit because she tragically died in a traffic accident in Paris three weeks later.

(Source: Faktor.ba)

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