Telecommunication Services in BiH to receive Licences for Introduction of 4G Network

Today, in the building of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, telecommunications operators will be solemnly granted licenses to use the radio frequency spectrum for the provision of electronic communication services through mobile access systems, ie for the introduction of the 4G network.

Pursuant to the Decision on the granting of a license to use the radio frequency spectrum for the provision of services through mobile access systems or the introduction of the 4G network, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic, will hand over the mentioned licenses to the stakeholders, ie telecom operators in BiH.

The EUD/EUSR in BiH welcomes Bosnia and Herzegovina the signing the Regional Roaming Agreement at the Western Balkans Digital Summit in Belgrade today.

This agreement will reduce roaming costs for all mobile phone users in the Western Balkans. Citizens will now be able to talk, SMS or surf more, wherever in the region they find themselves, while paying much less. Bosnia and Herzegovina played a very constructive role by being the first country ready to sign the Regional Roaming Agreement.

The agreement is a clear message about the region’s commitment to European integration and represents a step towards a “roam like at home” approach employed in the EU. It is also an important step towards a joint EU-Western Balkans roaming area.

In addition, BiH will now be eligible to apply for the €30 million in EU grants available for the region under the Western Balkans Investment Framework, to develop broadband infrastructure and mobilise strategic investments in telecommunications.


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