Tegeltija: Judical System in BiH ha inner self-control

milan tegeltijaDue to the great public interest in current events that are related to the responsibilities of the judiciary, Milan Tegeltija, the President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH (HJPC) said on the press conference that the recent developments demonstrate that the judicial system works and has the capacity of internal self-control.

“Although in one hand I am worried every time a judicial function comes under criminal or disciplinary procedure, on the other hand I feel satisfied over the fact that this is an indicator of the functioning of the judicial system in terms of commitment to confront and resolve the deviation inherent in the judicial institutions, “ said Tegeltija.

Moreover, he said that this is a proof that the judicial system works and even when judicial officials, judges and prosecutors eventually break the law, and that the system has the capacity and ability of the inner self-control.

In addition, he said that procedures against judges and prosecutors carry a reasonable bitterness among the citizens, “but no treatment, especially treatment of the system and healing of certain diseases, is not pleasant, and carries one bitter feeling.”

“Regardless of the bitterness, I think that the last events represent a good sign of the seriousness of a criminal justice system which solves problems within themselves in order to be more successful to deal with the problems of corruption and organized crime in the society, which are included in its jurisdiction,” added Tegeltija.

(Source: klix)


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