Tegeltija: Bosnia and Herzegovina will not open the Borders for EU Citizens



The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zoran Tegeltija, said on Tuesday that BiH will not open the borders for the countries of the European Union until they open the borders for BiH citizens.

Tegeltija claims that this is the unified position of all members of the Council of Ministers, news portal reports.

“We have scheduled today’s session for June 30, although we do it every Thursday because we expected the EU to make a decision on opening the border for BiH citizens. Since this was not done, we are very dissatisfied with the European Commission’s decision and because BiH is not in “the most difficult situation when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, and therefore there is no reason for us to open the borders for EU citizens. So this decision will be extended for the next two weeks,” Tegeltija said.

The leaders of the European Union, ie the European Commission, decided to publish a recommendation according to which the citizens of 15 countries will be able to travel freely to EU member states, but BiH is not on that list.

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