Team of Young BH Experts offers Solution to the Global Climate Change Problem

air-pollution-sarajevoHead of the team of young BH experts Zoran Vujinovic submitted the application for patent of the project “Tesla’s three phase hybrid rotary internal combustion engine” to the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH.

The aforementioned project gives a solution to the global problem of climate changes by Tesla’s concept of production of electricity “Electric power plant in the Hat”.

Vujinovic thinks that if we stop the burning of carbon as the biggest polluter, it will increase the share of gaseous and liquid fuels of standardized quality with negligible emissions compared to burning carbon.

“The electricity power sector, combining this invention and renewable energy sources, can quickly stop the pollution of the atmosphere, without compromising the energy stability,” said Vujinovic.

“With this discovery, the research and development sector in BiH showed once again that it is catching up with time despite all the difficulties,” said Vujinovic.

Tesla’s three phase hybrid rotary engine with internal combustion is based on the theory of Tesla’s concept of internal combustion engines and the principle of converting the kinetic energy of a fluid into mechanical work. This principle is applied to the Tesla turbine as well.

“This application is the result of 25 years of work and research on this topic, to make an engine according to the idea of our great scientist, and which is adapted to the requirements of time that we live in. The development of a new concept of Tesla’s three-phase hybrid rotary internal combustion engine with the use of current theoretical knowledge and practice. With the constant improvement in the field of new and better materials, improvement of computer technology, sensors, actuators, the modern way of sequential injection under high pressure, the conditions for a new approach to natural phenomena and the first and second principle of thermodynamics are met,” stated Vujinovic.

“The engine is designed to operate as an internal combustion engine, a pneumatic engine or combined. The efficiency of Tesla’s three-phase hybrid rotary internal combustion engine exceeds 90 %,” said Vujinovic.

(Source: FENA)

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