Team from Sarajevo won the First Place at Globals International Knowledge Olympiad

The team of the First Bosniak Gymnasium won first place at the Owlypia Globals International Knowledge Olympiad organized by the University of Cambridge.

Fifty seven teams from all over the world participated in this international challenge, and the motto of this year’s Olympics was “Leadership, inspire change”. Faruk Softić, Amna Fejzić and Haris Junuzović were in the team of the First Bosniak Gymnasium. All students had previously passed individual qualifications by winning a gold, silver or bronze certificate at the Owlypia online knowledge quiz held on August 8, 2020, and it numbered about 1000 participants from all over the world. Owlypia Globals lasted from August 22 to 24 and contained five challenges: Pen-Down challenge: group writing an essay on a given topic, Impromptu challenge: speaking competition without prior preparation, Speech-Craft challenge: group debate, 3 on 3, Knowledge challenge: individual quiz in general knowledge from a given group of subjects, and about knowledge from previously studied materials and Team Spirit challenge: individual quiz in knowledge from a series of books, articles, TED talks, films and individual research. The mentors of the team of the first Bosniak high school were professors Azamela Nezović and Azra Begić-Tabaković.

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