Talks of Political Parties on two European Criteria to be Reactivated

Željka-Cvijanović (1)Prime Minister of the RS, Željka Cvijanović spoke yesterday, during an official visit to Brussels, with the European Commissioner for EU Enlargement Štefan File on the need to reactivate the discussions of political parties in BiH, in order to find a solution to the implementation of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Sejdić Finci and the mechanism of coordination between different levels of government of BiH with the European Union (EU).

Cvijanović in a telephone statement to Radio RS said that the issue of the implementation of decisions SejdićFinci” is crucial for BiH towards the European path.

She recalled that earlier, political parties had agreed to certain positions, with the support of the European Union, but, as she said, unfortunately, there has been no implementation of these decisions.

It is necessary to resolve the second question, defining the coordination mechanism, because it is a requirement to meet European obligations.

‘’It is important to determine the mechanism of coordination of each level of government in BiH in order to be able to behave in accordance with their respective constitutional powers and thereby fulfill its obligations’’, stated Cvijanović.

She also pointed out that without coordination mechanism, BiH will not only be able to fulfill those obligations, and also, will not be able to absorb EU funds, through the IPA 2.

‘’Multiimportant is the role of coordination mechanisms, and I repeated to the European Commissioner for EU Enlargement, the willingness of the RS Government to continue to work on these issues’’,  announced Entity Prime Minister.

She added that the Government had contributed in defining the mechanism of coordination that has been prepared for adoption and will be needed, she said, just to gather enough political will of those who participated in this definition and to vote it.

 (Source: Fena)

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