Talented Students in Canton Sarajevo will have regular financial Support in the Future

The Minister of Education and Upbringing of Canton Sarajevo (CS), Naida Hota-Muminovic, and the Chairman of the Assembly of CS, Elvedin Okeric organized a reception for 18 talented primary and secondary school students who qualified for the Olympics or won medals at international competitions in mathematics, physics, informatics, and geography, as well astheir professor-mentors.

On this occasion, along with the promotion of their individual successes, the systematic support of CS to the future work of gifted students was announced, as well as the opening of a special Department for Excellence and Leadership at the Institute for Development and Pre-University Education of CS.

“The Government and the Assembly of CS are determined to systematically support the work of gifted students. Through this year’s budget revision and the budget proposal for next year, we will allocate funds only for that purpose, and not as before, to provide support to students only after achieved results. Our goal is to encourage young people to get educated and compete in all areas, ” told the Chairman of the CS Assembly, Elvedin Okeric.

The best ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Minister Hota-Muminovic stressed that these young people are the best ambassadors of BiH, those who bring light and the best story about BiH.

“Even though in BiH, average literacy is not at an enviable level, when excellence is valued, we really stand out. BiH, and most of all CS, receives several medals from international knowledge competitions every year. Such students are a special privilege and obligation. Therefore, through the Institute for Development and Pre-University Education, we will form a special department that will deal with issues of excellence and leadership. These children deserve systemic support throughout the year. The government will support children in their work through special support programs on which we are already working in order to support children in their work, ” pointed out Minister Hota-Muminovic.

All these students have been competitors and winners of numerous medals for many years, and many of them won in several subjects, Klix.ba writes.


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