Take a look at the State Prison in East Sarajevo (VIDEO)

state prison East SarajevoThe newly built prison has a total of ten objects, of which four are related to the accommodation capacities. The other six objects are auxiliary objects, while one of them is a hospital.

Meanwhile, former detention police officers, a total of 31 of them, are going through the training for prison officers and they will take their office in the prison in East Sarajevo immediately after it is put into operation.

“They have to know every inch of this prison. We received the greatest support from our colleagues from neighboring Croatia and Serbia,” said Minister of Justice of BiH, Josip Grubesa.

The prison has the capacity of 350 places, 300 prisoners, and 50 detainees. Prison cells have the surface of 12 square meters.

“This project had immeasurable significance for our country. Primary for the Court of BiH,” said Ranko Debevec, the President of the Court of BiH.

“This is a modern and expensive object that will meet all the requirements for a decent serve of the prison sentence,” said the President of the Court of BiH.

“I think that we will be able to reduce costs due to the fact that the object is located near the Court of BiH,” said Debevec.

Take a look at the VIDEO.

(Source: klix.ba)

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