Take a look at the New Terminal of Airport Sarajevo worth 38 Million BAM

May 9, 2017 9:15 AM

airport SarajevoThe increase of traffic at the International Airport Sarajevo is expected again this year, especially due to the introduction of new airlines, and it is expected that more than 900,000 passengers could pass through the Airport Sarajevo in this year. Due to that reason, expansion of the terminal building of the terminal B represents a priority strategic project for the International Airport Sarajevo.

According to the recently adopted Business Plan for the period 2017-2019, the activity regarding expansion of the terminal building on Terminal B was increased to the maximum and on the basis of preliminary design was secured and provided adequate urban planning approval by the competent federal ministry, according to Sanja Bagaric-Arnaut from the Department of Public Relations of the International Airport Sarajevo.

She explained that this is a very complex and challenging project, especially when considered that the works on the expansion of the terminal building must not affect the regular airline operations, or to be exact, must not cause any delays or possible disruptions in the operation.

“Considering the increase in traffic every year, it is evident that the existing infrastructure will not be able to meet the needs of passengers and traffic at the International Airport Sarajevo soon. The port building of terminal B is the object through which is conducted handover of passengers, luggage, mail, and goods. Thus, it is one of the most important objects at the International Airport Sarajevo that ensured the enforcement of airline operations through its resources. Terminal B has a capacity to process a million passengers “, explained Bagaric-Arnaut.

The extension should provide additional 9,000 square meters of space on a total of four floors, including the basement floor, ground floor, and two floors.

The new part of the object will make unique architectural, construction and technological unit with the already existing terminal B. They are planning the extension and increase of all capacities, including spacious and technology for the purpose of following: registration of passengers and luggage, customs duties, security, passport and sanitary control on arrival and departure, waiting room for boarding passengers, ambulance, security checking of luggage, handover of the luggage, waiting room for welcoming passengers, catering facilities, Duty Free Shop, office and commercial space for the needs of airlines and other agencies, space for religious needs and other services.

The value of the investment is estimated at 38 million BAM.

(Source: E. S. H./Klix.ba)



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