Take a look at the Map of Streets in the World that are named after Tito

Marshall Tito’s Square in Zagreb was renamed, but there are many streets, squares, parks, avenues and beaches named after Josip Broz Tito all over the region and the world.

Even though Zagreb recently decided to rename Marshall Tito’s Square into the Square of the Republic of Croatia, which caused various reactions from the public, many squares, streets, parks, schools and beaches in this part of the world, as well as in the region and in the world, still carry the name of the former Yugoslav leader – more than 180 of them.

In the region, Vojvodina and Istria have the most streets and squares named after Tit, while Rabac even has a beach named after him.

However, besides the former Yugoslav republics, streets and avenues in African, Asian, European, and South American cities carry his name, especially those in former non-aligned pact countries.

Tito’s Street exists in New Delhi in India, Addis Ababa in Ethopia, Lunada in Angola, Akra in Ghana, Soussu in Tunis, Cairo in Egypt, Moscow in Russia, Sao Paolo in Brazil and several Italian cities.

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(Source: Klix.ba)

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